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Baja Surf Intensive

Believe it or not, there still exists a place in southern Baja with consistent, sometimes epic surf; with nary a house, hotel, condo, camper, or car to be seen. Life in southern Baja has changed so rapidly in recent years that we can’t guarantee this opportunity will last! Last winter was especially amazing... just a few friends and the local fishermen to enjoy the days, waves, and feeling of wilderness. The point breaks over rock reef, and can get pretty hollow. There’s also a beach break with a sandy bottom, good for learning and fun for the less inclined. This trip is surf intensive. If for some reason the surf isn’t happening in front of our sandy doorstep, we will find it nearby. 

As far as accommodations and meals, everyone will be tent camping, and the guides will be doing all the cooking. We’ve been professional guides for a long time in places more remote  than this, so rest assured; you will be well taken care of.

We serve fresh, quality meals three times a day, the snack bar is always open, and the quantity is never lacking. 

The Baja Surf Intensive is a 3, 5, or 8 day trip that includes all meals, surf instruction, and transportation needs, including pick up and drop off at La Paz International Airport. It should be noted that our camp is located only a few miles from standing telephone lines and running water, convenient for quick communication and freshwater solar showers. 

Baja Surf Intensive runs from November to January.   
Participants limited to 10 or less. 

To make a reservation, call (858) 663-7299 or email


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